Poem of Quotes Members


Do I keep the rights to my poem?
A: Of course! PoemofQuotes.com will never use your poem without your permission. If you ever wish to delete your poem from PoemofQuotes.com, view your profile page and click on 'poems' then find your poem and click 'delete'.

How do I add a poem?
A: Once you join, there is a link towards the top of the page titled 'Submit poem'. The page will then guide you the rest of the way. You must have at least two points to submit a poem, you gain points by commenting on other peoples' poems.

How do I bold, italic, or underline words?
A: Use *bold* **italic** and _underline_ when writing your poem or within the comments.

How do I edit my profile?
A: Click on 'Account' in the upper right corner.

How do I add a picture?
A: Go to your account page and click "Upload a profile picture".

How do I send mail?
A: There are two ways to send mail.

  1. Click on the 'mail' link in the upper right corner. It will bring you to your mail page with a list of all mail you have received. Beneath the mail listings are three links, the first being the 'send mail' button. Click it.
  2. Visit the persons profile and click the 'send a message' link on the lower left hand side.

How do I find someones profile?
A: There are two ways.

  1. Click the search link at the top of the page. Once there, make sure 'username' is selected underneath the search box. Now enter the username and press search.
  2. If you have the person within your network, visit your profile page and click on the members picture within your network.

What is 'MyCafe'?
A: My Cafe is a place to view your networks recent poems, comments and uppits.

How do I add someone to my network?
A: To add someone to your network, view their profile and click 'Add to network'.

How do I delete someone from my network?
A: To delete someone from your network, view their profile and click 'Delete from network'.

What information is kept about your users in the Poem of Quotes database?
A: We keep a lot of data about our users and their habbits. Data saved in our database is used to create a better experience for our users. All information except IP addresses, email addresses, usernames and passwords is volunteree. If you do not wish this information to be saved within our database, please do not join our program.

Why are IP addresses saved?
A: They are kept for many different purposes. The most obvious answer is security. When a user logs into Poem of Quotes his/her IP address is saved. So if a poem, comment or other information is posted which is against our Terms of Agreement, the user may be banned or reported to the proper authorities.

How do I delete my account?
A: Visit your account page, scroll to the bottom. Click the 'Click here to delete your account' link. Note that this cannot be undone and all data will be lossed.