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Younger Than Me by Luce
Just a short poem I wrote for a friends birthday. They hate the idea of getting older and dread their birthday each year.
A Friend Who's Name Was by draydanljr
a friend who lost his father but tries and tries despite the odds
My Stranger Friend by draydanljr
when a friends father died all his friends banded in arround him and new friendships bloomed from that.
My Friend You Are Amazing by draydanljr
a friends is going through some hard times and i feel helpless to make it easier but then he goes and surprises me by being stronger than i imagine i would be in the same situation.
Never by niks33
really want u back
Best Friends.... by brokenhearted4ever
this is a poem of my best friend
Grand and Miniscule by Slain
A memoir written to simply remember everlasting times...
Belong by BethHalliwell
This is what happens when I write after being betrayed. Thankfully by the end another friend had talked me down.
Richardo by ToWritePoetryOnHerArms
This is about an ex boyfriend/best friend, really. Who I haden't talked to in forever after we broke up and when I did finally talk to him again, I found out he'd ben cutting himself. So I wanted to be a part of his life again to help him.
Cherry Blossom by Slain
Finally completed this poem like i need it, this is for my friend contemplating suicide, i gave it my all, tried to give him a reason to live...it's life changing, it really is...pls comment