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You Told Me You Liked Me by darkenedangel
When a friend tells you he likes you, and you have always have been afraid to say just that. (written about a month or 2 ago)
A Promise by fullmoon65
A fight to save a life.
Walk On By by musiccrazed247
Experience typed into words, keep your heads up high and walk on by
Just Friend...Huh... by musiccrazed247
Sorry for Not Contributing For Like...A Year XP Please Enjoy This Poem
My Coloured Light by demonmagic
One friend that I owe everything to and more.
Real friendship by charlotte897
Figuring out what friendship is, but people say so many different things?
Unmasked by demonmagic
Makes me look like a mega-stalker but, again, it's about my friend.
What is friendship? by charlotte897
Is the meaning of our friendship anything to you?
A love letter by OceansAway
I am in love with the world. This is what happens when I study.
to someone special by justinneedoflove
this poem is to someone special that has helped me and that has been their but i dont know how to thank