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Accept Me For Who I Am... by OnMyOwn
You can't judge me.
For Jenni by ToWritePoetryOnHerArms
A poem that I wrote long time ago but I just now decided to edit it. Enjoy and please read/comment(:
John - Why? by trueblessings
a guy we met. i hope he reads it.
Barrier - For Adam Masterson by dustyinthemix
A poem about my best friend
My Bestfriend :) by kimmaz123
dedicated to my Best Friend :D <3
Hello Friend by AChickWIthADream
Just something that came to my mind
truth by Ang
a lesbian Friend of mine by AdamSaylor
It's amazing how much writing can come out of anger,
A Friend Lost Forever by Ekeeper96
I was going through a tough time with a friend.
Mirrors Reflection by timewornsoul
About a girl I know who has low self-esteem but is really very pretty.