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Hold my Truth by OceansAway
Sorry about this. I just can't get cliche rhymes out of my head.
Last word by jesusfreakk
a poem i wrote about how my friends relationship was messing up ours. alls good though now(:
Falling friend. by BlackRosesl1
poem for my friend.
Once Again by SecretsLie
about a friend who i recently have not been in contact with
Sticks and Stones by Psychobabble
A true friend is hard to come by
Day 1 by friendZdogZ
Write a poem where each line starts with a letter from your first name (an acrostic). It can be about anything, but it should not be about you or your name.
Hardwood floors by OceansAway
I wish I could rhyme.
Never Like Before. by OnMyOwn
The girl who was my best friend. Who I thought I could trust. Who I told everything to... All of that is gone now.
A Friend by mvg040
A Poem About How friends hould be
unknown feelings by bee8
idk wat to tittle it, suggestions would be nice(: