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Teacher, friend, hero
You were so much to me
Father, Grandpa, adviser
You weren't blood, but you were family

Loving you was easy
Losing you is unbearable
My grief is so great it's wearable
I find myself filled with rage
Then I think of how you'd want me to be
I try to find peace but only find calamity

I miss you grandpa
My heart hurts beyond compare
My world isn't as bright without you there

I miss your stories
I miss your jokes
I miss your boxing
I miss your rodeo
I miss your laugh
I miss your hugs
But most of all I miss your love

The most caring person this world has known
I was so lucky to call your house a home
I find myself bawling, wanting you back
But wanting you to suffer is a feeling I lack

I know you're gone and my memories are plenty
Make sure to check the ground when getting out of the car,
That way you won't miss a penny

Walk with your head held high
Believe in yourself, reach for the sky
Be a good wife, a good person, and mother
Treat others like people ought to treat each other

Drink out of the carton
Eat soup with your spoon
Burp really loud but don't say I told you to
Let granny think she can make the better stew

I miss you so much
Our yodeling spats
Don't do it like this
You do it like that

I still can't yodel
But you got me to ride a bike
Made me so mad, you knew I'd get it right

I can use tools of all kinds
You taught me with joy
But you thought I'd get hurt
Left the chainsaws to a boy

You drove on the shoulder,
Oh the bumps you hit
Driving slow until granny threw a fit
Teaching me how to drive was aggravating fun
No radio, but I can back out like a son of a gun
Speaking of guns I shoot better than you
Or that's what I thought when you'd hit a can and I'd hit two

I miss you so much, you were the best man I knew
The best grandpa, and great grandpa too

My daughter she's young
She doesn't understand
But she loved you so much
You were great papa, oh man

She wanted a tea party for Christmas this year
Said she's got enough toys, just wants her papa here

I'll do something special for her just for you
Because my heart hurts and her heart hurts too.

*In loving memory of Robert "Bob" Schaefer,
the best damn grandpa I could ever ask for.*

by solonely
posted on 08/11/2016

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Comment by TiffanyLoganAlexander: Sep 5, 2018 8:55 pm
I feel your pain
Comment by solonely: Sep 19, 2016 12:43 pm
Thank you both for your kind words. Writing helps me process and knowing that other people enjoy my writing makes me smile.
Comment by prettyspl: Sep 16, 2016 5:50 pm
Dang, that made me cry. Your love is quite pliable and deep. I felt it in every line. He would be proud and you know he loved you right back! Very sorry for your loss ..
Comment by FavoriteTheMute: Aug 12, 2016 5:20 pm
I can see he was great to you. Lovely poem. Any man that loves boxing is automatically awesome in my book.

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