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Oh Honey

Oh, darling.
You are beautiful.

Despite everything you've been through and what you may believe, secretly.
You have this captured, tucked away light in you.
It shines, despite the tarnish, so very brightly.
And who says that which is injured isn't worthy of love?

I recently began to speak to you again, after so long.
And there is one thing that I continue to think:
Why did we stop?
Distance? Perish the thought.
Did we grow apart? Perhaps.
I knew you for such a short time and yet you continued to lift me up.
Despite all my whinging, my hopeless romanticism, you spoke up for me.

So this is me.
Speaking up for you.
You are amazing.
Thank you, for everything.

by ImagineBlaqk
posted on 01/15/2013
Tags: comfort
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Comment by TiffantAnnLoganAdams: Jan 15, 2013 1:10 pm
Oh my gosh. Thats so sweet. I...dont know what to say, ashley. And I hav no idea y we lost contacted, or how, or even when. But im glad I found u again. So glad Smiley

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