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To a Friend

Do you know?
Do you see the smiles?
The smiles I get when I talk to you?
I get this feeling
Iím never sure what to do.
You speak to me,
Like a person, not an object.
You show me there is hope,
Iím not someone you will reject.
I smile so much.
Others also see,
How much happier I am,
Because you started talking to me.
The endless conversations,
The times of great connection.
Itís not unnoticed,
But does my heart need protection?
Do I need to back away?
Slowly to not get hurt.
The truth will come out,
So will the tears and fall on my shirt.
Maybe itís just me.
You donít see it,
Or realize the feelings I have.
Iím scared to know your answer.
Youíre different,
Youíre amazing,
You make me laugh
You are unbelievably smart.
I hate that I canít have you
That I wonít deny
I hate when we canít talk
And dread our last goodbye.
You never let me down
And always try to make me believe,
No never give up and try,
To at least achieve.
Please donít ever leave me.
Even just as a friend
Nothing would ever be the same
If it was it end.

by HoldingOnForNow
posted on 12/17/2009

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Comment by spicysalsa1: Dec 16, 2009 6:32 pm
that is amazing. you kept me going all the way through. nice

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