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In a safe I stored my feelings
In a place I thought was locked
I made sure that key was hidden
And the safe was surely blocked

No matter what would happen
To that safe was guaranteed
To hold up in a fire
Or a theft or burglary

I thought that I had found a place
That finally kept their word
For that safe had sailed through hell and back
And my feelings were not turned

I had confidence in that single safe
Which was something new to me
For I had problems trusting some
But now itís easier to see

But then one day my dear safe broke
And my treasures poured about
My secrets now exposed to all
And my soul came flooding out

If I learned one thing from that dark day
To share and teach to you
Is to watch out who you trust
Because those safes are never true

by esportslover18
posted on 11/30/2009

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Comment by darkheart926: Nov 30, 2009 5:43 pm
I have also lost so much trust recently and I know exactly what you are saying.
Comment by ZanethRiku: Nov 30, 2009 3:33 pm
A very truthful poem,your really talented,great job.

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