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Humor grants us all the ability to laugh at ourselves when times are bad. Read our members poetry and lighten your day.

Vegetation Genocide by HallowReveries
Okay, this isn't serious whatsoever. Please don't take it as such.
Flipping Writers Block by Silvertonge
I have been trying to write forever and this poem might portray a wee bit of my exasperation
Time to Say It by demonmagic
An awful poem, if you like that kind of thing. More of a confession
dear girl who doesn't know what she's doing by ToWritePoetryOnHerArms
Because everybody hated who they were in 7th grade
A Fast Food Workers Rant (Welcome to Hell) by AngelicDarkness
I actually wrote this quite a while ago, but I held off on posting it. I wanted to see if I could polish it up more, as it's meant to be humorous and give a glimpse of what working in the food service industry is really like. I think I'd ne
Teeny Weenies by solonely
It isn't perverted I promise, just kind of funny
Haiku practice by Jbones
A haiku about haikus
The List by BloodStained
A poem about the guys I've slept with.
Imagination Symphony by LucidMuse
Is having a very own personal orchestra a good thing? Or signs of mental decline?
load it by MyPoemRocks
idk lol
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