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The Pot Of Gold by alysiarulz
A Funny Limerick
The Perfect Snack by jazygirl
please comment
Nom by forgottenfairy
To a food I dont think gets enough credit
Winter Humor by Pyrrolic
A little humor for winter inspired by the song It's Beginning to Look Alot Like Christmas.
First Televesion by Memmorie
i just remmberd 10 years ago when i got my first tv hhh and how i fell about it Comment thanks! check my other poems
It's just a wall by melinda
Funny story about a wall
Nothing.. by Memmorie
A poem about rhyming words with nothing and alike.
Happy Halloween by AChickWIthADream
Just a small, funny little halloween poem
Penguins by AChickWIthADream
pegnuin, animal, world, take over, yay
Duck by AChickWIthADream
I got nothing lol