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Sunburned by Psychobabble
Getting sunburned is no fun
Bastard by saolope
no help at all
Luck be a story by saolope
Bits, portions, and tiny specks by MrPoetry
a funny ditty,
Do You Accept? by OnMyOwn
I DARE you...
? by MrPoetry
the soapy swamp by MrPoetry
a literation of the imagination
the candles storm by MrPoetry
a surreal moment
Bad Christmas by daddiesgirl2012
This is a poem I wrote for a friend of mine who joined a weight loss program and they had to write a poem. I decided to go with a non serious one. Let me know what you think.
Poem of the Bored by Brette
I wrote this during english class...I was really bored