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Shut The Hell Up! by FlickeringSoftly11
Rap The Thing!! This poem could probably also be viewed as dark or other. Otherwise I hope that you guys enjoy it and comment. Thx!
I'm Havin' Fun.... >:D by OnMyOwn
Cheaters? I think not. :)
graduation by justinneedoflove
graduation and thanks to my cosing for the encouragement that she kept on giving me all this year
Once upon a time (2005) by ColdHeartedCupid
Of gammers choice by careree
Inspired by world of warcraft... while downloading the patches... returning wow aholic i am!
A Writer's Block. by OnMyOwn
My first limerick! Yay. Once again another poem for my english class. Pretty pointless, this poem is... Comments?
REMAKE of shakespeare poem- LAUNDRY STYLE!
Apology to your once dry feet. by Is462theenemy
I parked over a puddle of water only to have my girlfriend get out and step right into it. She wasn't happy with me, so this is my apology.
I'm da Kang! by Is462theenemy
Don't smoke, sing, and dance in the street.
Nick the Nose by ddog1955
An unfortunate kid with a nose problem