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a mind chat. by sadteddybear
um, well a sort of funny thought about a certain quote I disagree with!
Spiderman by JTG11
The nickname I was given
The Awkward Family by JTG11
Me and My best friend as a family
A little Valentine's Day thought... by fanpirewerevocate
Two words that have nothing to rhyme with
The prisoner by talldude175
It is a bit of a twist ending, it is worth your time to read.
Quick Write by Missio
I dont even know..
the boss by angelofdarkness112
hehe this will make u laugh
mother mother by xsew
my little sister and i made it up randomly. weird and freaky i know.
what I like by pepptago81
Just read it and find out
Tinny undercover by tinny
lil miss tinny