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You and Me by joenazz
Something I Thought was Funny yet true
Cloud Nine by finderskeepers
imagination stimulation on LSD
LOL =) by onetimelover
i can get yhu to laugh
To my bff Lanny by GothicRose
well, read the title
Random Poem by GothicRose
Just something silly
Contemplation by thebullkf
Another 'found' poem.if you couold even call it that. Makes me smile though.(apologies if it offends :)
The 12 Days of Class by Neanthia
Another Christmas poem, this time based on the classid, "The Twelve Days of Christmas
Math: The Most Evil Subject of the year by Neanthia
Based on the song by Andy Williams © “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of The Year”
Grenada by loverlennox
hmmm.....its a test poem lol
Headshot by OnMyOwn
Dedicated to my friend, Amber. And this poem describes how we feel about our ex. It's pretty hilarious. Read and comment pleaseee! :D