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the candles storm

porched on the mantel
a candle have lit
my daydream thought I should stare a little bit
it took my thoughts to the windowsill
and there a bird
stood so still
the curtain froliced
as the breeze did kiss
the sound of nature
Earth at bliss
my thought furthered me
down the trail
to a squirrel
running a rail;
seemed disappointed at the drop of his lunch
the leaves cushioned
at the sound of the crunch
and it was intercepted...
a crackle from the storm and the lights came on...
don't blow out the candle;
I'd rather dream on

by MrPoetry
posted on 06/20/2011

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Comment by tylessia: Jun 20, 2011 9:55 am
UNK this is nice!!!

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