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the soapy swamp

i took a bath
in a swamp
gators and snakes
at me took a romp
insects nibbled and mosquitos buzzed
what on earth was I thinking of...
It was quite exilerating;
the surroundings
a mulky paradise; so astounding
the sounds at distance,
some erotic fight
and the hair standing thrilled
in the midst of the night
and the fortune f drying off in the woods
could I do it again?...
I think I would...
Knock, knock
cleaned that ring from around that tub, and you tracked mud in the kitchen from the storm...
lol; dare I imagine

by MrPoetry
posted on 06/20/2011

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Comment by tylessia: Jun 20, 2011 9:54 am
Your so crazy unk i lov it tho

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