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Week 1

monday - is mug a thug monday

tusday- is tug a thug tosday

wensday- is wiggle alot wensday

thursday- is hug alot thursday

...friday- is fun alot friday

saterday- is poetry saterday

sunday- is kiss alote sundaySee More

Week 2

monday- double step monday

tuesday- gumball tuesday

wednesday-wear red wednesday

thursday- random phrases

...friday- fantasy daydreams come true

saturday- sing a random song

sunday- change your pictureSee More

Week 3

monday-make-out alot monday

tuesday-flash a smile tuesday

wednesday-confus alot wensday

thursday-thimbol alot thursaday

friday-tell a strang jock or story

saturday-sit alot saterday

sunday-sun alot sunday


monday-random dancing

tuesday-dont touch that tuesday

wednesday-spread the love give a hug

thursday-make a card for someone randome

friday-tack a brack... for brekfist

saturday-make a yong person read to you

sunday-wach a move over and over

by moimo
posted on 06/29/2011

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