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To Love or be loved by scarredemotions17
about doing something for love no matter what
Temptation by nocturnus
I guess its not the high time to surrender still. Thank you for reading
Champion of Sorrow by ToothxGrinder
Had a crazy dream that showed me the numbers 137 with karmic number 11. It really makes sense when i looked into them during the hard times im am going through with the loss of friends and the betrayal from loved ones,
Phase by emofaith
phase of love
Mary's Promise by SacrificialLamb
Mary's Promise by SacrificialLamb
over thinker by emofaith
are you one of us?
He Says it is Not Real by SecretsLie
Hell by MBJPancras
Endless Suffering
Why Normal by Nick1959
Why do people what to be normal, it is beyond me.