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Yellow Brick Road by LoveMaster
Underneath Childhood Sheets by madz13379
We keep growing and learning to just end up where we all started under childhood sheets
Love Always Falls by urabaka
A poem inspired by the vast understanding that I see of this world, and in hopes would be a wonder to live in something so peaceful and understanding. Hope you enjoy.
Love Will Shine by urabaka
There is a beauty to things of this world, and we are meant to share them together. A piece inspired by the vastness, and inspiring calm that love gives us. Feedback always accepted!
Old Playgrounds by lexiedanielle
Just a little poem about childhoods and the effect they have on you.
This One's for You. by Heartless1903
"Beautiful girl, ontop of the world, don't fall down. For an angel should never touch ground."
Hamartia by Atavist
There is a strength of character defined by denying to submit to our weakness.
july by emofaith
year 2014
Head Above Water by MissingThatDay
Anyone can make it out alive
A Soul So Bright by schick15
My poem dedicated to Maya Angelou ...