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Be Careful What You Do In Life...

Be Careful What You Do In Life...
December 11, 2008
You hear people talk of drugs and stabbings, but you laugh it off.
You don‘t realize what it really means.
But I know...
My brother turned 22 in January of 2008.
He was stabbed to death in April of 2008.
He had bipolar and he wouldn‘t take his medication.
He drank and did a lot of drugs.
Sometimes he was dangerous...
William was sent to a mental institution a couple of times so he wouldn‘t hurt himself and or others.
He was sent to jail once so he would be taken care of.
My parents did a lot of drugs before and after I was born.
When I was 3, I was taken from them and put in foster care.
I became a ward of the state.
I was tossed around from foster home to foster home.
I was physically and emotionally neglected.
In all the time I was in Minesota, I never once had a constant home...
Because of drugs, I became a foster child.
I never knew my parents.
Because of drugs, they are just now getting their lives back together again.
And because of drugs, I am just now getting back in touch with them...
My little sister Heather is 11 years old.
She was adopted when she was a month old.
She doesn‘t know she was adopted.
She doesn‘t even know I exist!
Because of drugs, she probably never will.
My little brother Timothy is 7 years old.
He lives with my mom in Flagstaff, Arizona.
All I have of him are pictures.
Because of drugs, my own brother is practically a stranger to me!
Because of drugs, my family was torn apart.
I hardly even know them!
Because of drugs, my brother William is dead!
He didn‘t even have a chance to live!
William had his first and only girlfriend when he was 15.
When they broke up, he never had another one.
When William died, a lone white dove kept following me.
Doves mate for life.
I believe that William sent that white dove to watch over me and my loved ones.
He is my guardian angel, keeping me safe.
Don‘t joke about drugs because you don‘t know the truth.
You haven‘t seen your family yanked apart because of that.
Don‘t joke about stabbings because you don‘t know the truth.
You don‘t think of your dead brother every single time you look at a steak knife.
I know.
I‘ve been there.
I‘ve seen what drugs can do to people.
I‘ve had to live with the consequences of their actions.
Don‘t do the same thing that others have done before you.
Don‘t follow in their footsteps.
Stop it before it gets out of hand.
Don‘t wait until you have to live with the regrets for the rest of your life.
For my sake and for the sake of those around you, those you truly love and care about, and those who truly love and care about you, please help prevent it...

by TiffanyLoganAlexander
posted on 09/04/2018

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