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As the fresh drops of rain gently lay on every leaf.
I lie in pure disbelief, for what I have loved has once again hurt me.
The salt in my tears are far more bitter than the seas'.
Every drop falls below my chin and gracefully walks down my chest.
My heart a vest that has been broken.
Go through my skin past my bones, past my veins find my heart.
The pain in such a precious gift from GOD is beyond unbearable.
My life is far from understandable.
The light flickers, the wax cries on that sweet aroma candle.
The heat flows in my body, touches my skin, and warms my heart.
Love is an addiction.
At a time I thought I needed a fix,
And I prayed for the greater power above to take that out of my heart, my body, my soul.
But my Lord I still feel cold.

by drdreya32
posted on 08/29/2009

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Comment by PoeticDarkenss: Aug 29, 2009 10:17 am
Wow, i really liked it really did Smiley))))

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