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Fresh Start

Fresh Start
October 23, 2009
Let thine eyes look right on, and let thine eyelids look straight before thee. Proverbs 4:25.
Tomorrow will be different.
Tomorrow I will wake up smiling.
I will be happy again.
No more lost, confused girl.
Instead, I will find that bright, carefree, beautiful young lady that I am inside.
I will go deep within myself, as deep as I need to, until I find that shining soul of mine, and I will rediscover who I am.
I do not fit into any one subculture.
I am me, and no one else fits into that category but me.
And with that knowledge, I will be able to follow my path of dreams.
It will be a long journey, and it will take most of my life to complete it, but I will succeed.
I will look neither right nor left, but I will look straight ahead.
I will keep my eyes locked on my destination, and this time I won‘t let my eyes stray away, not even for a second.
I will close my thoughts and ears to doubts.
I will not let my senses be deceived by lies.
The devil tricks my mind into believing what‘s not there.
But this time I won‘t let him do that to me.
I‘ll kick his ass and show him that I‘m not falling for his pretty illusions anymore.
And that‘s all they are.
Dazyling as they are, I won‘t buy them.
They‘re just fool‘s gold.
And I‘m no fool.
Not anymore, anyway.
My fresh start, now that‘s the real pot of gold.
No matter how hard you bite my gold, it won‘t crumble.
I‘ll bite those illusions and uncover them for what they really are: petty tricks.
So long, fool‘s good.
This is my life, and I‘ve only got one chance at it.
I won‘t **** it up over a handful of sparkly illusions when I could have the real jackpot at the end of the rainbow.
That‘s where my journey is taking me: to the end of my personal rainbow.
I don‘t know about you, but I think I‘m going straight for the prize.

by TiffanyLoganAlexander
posted on 09/06/2018

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