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He Found God in a Jail Cell.

He screams and swears, banging on the rails.
He falls to his knees and cries
in that desolate jail.
He curses God for the life he has
not knowing it was his own fault
all along.

He's been knocked around so many times.
He can't see straight
or walked the right line.
There's nothing left for him.
No wife; no daughter.
What is there to life?

Praying; desperately praying.
For some sweet escape from the pain he feels.
A warmth greets him and a beautiful peace.

He found God in a jail cell.

He wrote a letter to his little girl
that he's only seen through windows
and pictures.

"Listen baby, I know I've failed you
but hear what I have to say.
I found God and I'm not
afraid anymore."

The sweetest news she's ever heard.
And soon he'll be going home.

He found God in a jail cell.

by OnMyOwn
posted on 02/06/2013

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Comment by prettyspl: Feb 7, 2013 6:09 pm
Good luck .. and thanks for sharing.

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