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Memories In The Form Of Tears

Memories In The Form Of Tears
November 3, 2008
Why do these memories keep coming back?
All they do is hurt me.
I don‘t want them.
I don‘t need them.
But still they force themselves upon me, creating a heartache in my heart, and tears streaming down my face.
Each tear is a memory, hitting the pages that I write, only to return in the form of another tear.
I look at a picture, and another memory forms, and always the memory becomes another tear, slipping under my chin.
Some of the memories are peaceful.
Some of them sad.
But no matter what the memory is, it reminds me that things have changed.
And that is the reason for these tears...
these tears that slide slowly and silently down the side of my face, rolling down my neck, slapping the pages like raindrops falling on the sidewalk.
How I wish that these memories would just fade away, taking with them this endless supply of tears!
But then I remind myself that one day my wish will be granted, and I will remember nothing.
So instead of wishing for faded memories, I should treasure them for as long as I can, until the day that God takes them from me.
And on that day, with one more tear of farewell, I will say goodbye.
And then I, too, will be a memory, as well as a teardrop, for each of my loved ones to carry with them, until the end.

by TiffanyLoganAlexander
posted on 09/04/2018

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