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My Personal Journey To Courage

My Personal Journey To Courage
December 21, 2008
Usually, when we talk about courage, we think of police officers, firefighters, and Jesus.
But sometimes a courageous person is just a little girl.
When I was quite young, my parents did drugs and made bad choices.
The police came to take me away to foster homes so many times that I can‘t remember.
For awhile I lived with my maternal grandparents but they were mean to me.
One time they put pepper in my mouth because I wouldn‘t stop talking.
When I came to Texas, I had a lot of fears.
I was afraid of strangers, bugs, walking in the grass barefoot, and any old dog.
It took plenty of courage, but I learned not to be afraid of bugs.
I used to scream if a fly landed on my arm.
My paternal grandma and I watched nature shows about bugs and bought toy bugs.
We went outside and watched them, also.
I still stay away from fire ants, bees, and wasps, but I know that if you don‘t bother them, they won‘t bother you.
I‘m still afraid sometimes, like when my teacher told a scary story about a skeleton lady.
But now I have a safe home and grandparents who love me dearly.
I have learned that everybody is afraid sometimes but now I have the courage to face and handle my fears.

by TiffanyLoganAlexander
posted on 09/05/2018

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