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Nigga... ****
I Can't cry over words that where meant to hurt me
Cuz I'm still here
degradation is not working and i refuse to acquiece to fear.
I'm a citizen in a country that has attempted to systematically destroy me
I can't even cut on the tv without being called a nigga.
And being constantly reminded that the only reason i'm in this country is because of my slave ancestors
And it hurts, feeling like i cant even go to church-
-without being attacked
Cuz I can be sittin in the pughs and the preacher can be talking to the whole room
But it just takes one scripture to let me know that he just sees me as a ****
And that going to church is no way to escape gay bashing

And I feel like the whole world is coming down on me in the form of a biblical serpent
Wrapped around my neck that says nothing
Because I've already taken a bite out of the forbidden fruit.

And his silence hurts worse than what he could be saying because it makes me feel like I've already done the worst on my own.
You see I've been cursed with insecurity since the day I was born

Because I'm a Nigga, And a ****.

And the history of this country shows black people being tortured and raped and killed, just because of our skin.
And it shows gay people being spit upon and harrassed and killed, just because of our attraction
So where does that leave me?
Am I destined to be a victim?
Or do I have to live up to the stereotype of a black man that just rob and kill and commit crimes and ****?
Why would I even Want to live up to the expectation of a country that only expects me to fail
Because of my race and orientation I've already been condemned to both jail and hell
And that ****'s ****in with my head
Because I live in America but I feel like America wants me dead
Because for every EMMETT TILL, there was a MATHEW SHEPHARD.
Where EMMETT was killed just because of his race, and MATHEW was killed just because he was gay
So where does that leave me in a country where being a black man in a black community, i wasn't expected to make it to 18.
And where the majority of the teen suicide rate is of Gay Teens.
So I guess it really is a miracle I made it to eighteen
Because the statistics show that I should be dead by now
Because somehow, I'm the two things that live in America that Americans hate most

I'm a Nigga, And a ****.

And since hiding your pain benefits noOne, I stand here
Openly hurting
Knowing at the end of the day
There are still plenty of people that still gonna see me as just a Nigga, and a ****.
But I'm not a stereotype, I'm not a statistic
Numbers and expectations don't define who I am.
Just because I'm black, it don't mean I have to join a gang for respect.
And Smoking Weed aint the only way I have to relax.
Stereotypes are not instruction manuals.
Just like being gay is not synonymous with having AIDS
And just because I'm gay don't mean I'm ****ing every man I know
And just because I embrace my masculinity don't mean I'm on the downlow
Because femininity is not a requirement for being a homo.
Stereotypes are not instruction manuals.

Because I am so much more than what I'm expected to be
And all I want is to live in a country that accepts me for me
But I feel like I'm loving a love that don't even like me.
It's like I got a food addiction in a third world country
Because I want more than whats available
You see, I don't even think most Americans are capable of giving the freedoms we advertise to the world.
I just wish yall could see how my eyes see the world.

Because not only do I come from a people that had to sit at the back of the bus
But I come from a people that USED TO BE ARRESTED JUST FOR BEING US!
And when you can go to jail under suspicion of homo****uality
Where's the HUMANITY, that we HUMANS tend to promote?!
We might as well be animals, let civilization be a joke
Cuz thisz world aint yours or mine, we are all free to be.
And I know I'm not A Nigga, or a ****.
I'm a Black Gay Man.
And that's why, I refuse to cry, over words that were designed... to hurt me.

... Words like.... nigga... ****....

by razegeneration
posted on 02/06/2010

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Comment by LoveMaster: Feb 23, 2014 5:53 pm
dang this is so inspiring. keep up the good work. and never beat yourself down because when you do life gets harder and harder and i would know because i have a real tough life
Comment by lexiedanielle: Jun 29, 2012 12:21 am
I don't think I've read anything more amazing than this, honestly. I hope this opened some one's eyes, and this is truly inspiring for any one. It should be, anyway. This is just beautiful. There's no other words to describe it.
Comment by taylorbaumby: Apr 10, 2012 3:19 pm
This world needs more people like you.
Comment by Manuko: Apr 9, 2012 7:11 pm
i can't imagine what it would be like to be in those minority groups, it must be hard, but as the saying goes - 'from great wounds come great gifts' and your message reaches out to that part of me that also feels like an outcast - thanks for sharing and being an inspiration
Comment by kimmaz123: Oct 13, 2011 5:39 am
i apsolutly give you the honesty for you having the guts to right this.. like im not bein racist but lyke im white but i still am 10000000000% against racism forget them and think of the things you want to do dont let the other pricks bring you down Smiley chin up boy love kim, <3
Comment by billegerantnole: Sep 15, 2011 3:11 am
nice job man but let it be warned that a verse can start a war
Comment by Evilllamas: Sep 11, 2011 10:35 pm
Words can be weapons, and this one is a 'freaking' nuke. You need to deliver this now as LOUD as you can.
Comment by Evilllamas: Sep 11, 2011 10:35 pm
Words can be weapons, and this one is a 'freaking' nuke. You need to deliver this now as LOUD as you can.
Comment by lonelygirl82: Sep 6, 2011 12:20 am
beautiful written. you executed this poem with so much feel, emotion, and hurt, it is sad but true. I am a lesbian mother and endure stereotypes and cruel words from peers and neighbors. bravo for being able to pour yourself out like this.
Comment by lucii101: Jul 2, 2011 12:10 am
absolutely amazing!

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