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At 7:02 we can begin to mop the floor
I schwap the fibrous clothlings down
and splatter coffee mixture round.
the concoctual mush and puppy-slush
streaks messages in the floor, that I ignore

at 7:16 I have completed the task
I lurge against the counter top
and uft my head to sell some schnapps
someone's splurging, I postulup
plurping in the total with tax
I quarple beer into the bag
and hand the man his six pack

it's 7:18 after the hour's one customer
I hobslide toward the cooler door,
grudgingly gwarble Budweiser fore
and disregarding the emptied aft,
hobslide back toward counter-lurging
and wait.

It's 8:00 and coffee pots
and suddenly I'm clariflipped
each splash mark on the new-clean floor
a starflake of copper clusterfeem
each sugar sparklem's charmful gleam
sings of coffee lullabeese
twirlsting cheerful paganamnity

as times flooms by
my tasks seem small
joyful taskses giving light
to colorful mobil this darkling night

by tearsofrain
posted on 11/30/2009

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Comment by ReverberatingSilence: Dec 9, 2009 5:46 pm
I like the random enjoyment in this,
it's very refreshing!
Nice Poem!

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