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Sacred places

A young girl on a sealand isle
stood on the cliff and pondered awhile.
Hurt inside and wanting free
she stared at the depths of the sea.

The wind blew turning her away
begging and asking for her to stay.
So listening to its comforting sigh
she answered the breezes questioning why.

“Alone in the world, not sure where to stand,
I feel like I’m drowning in a sea of sand.”
“Take my hand and let me be
the rope that brings you from that sea.”

“Sad am I, oh breeze, my family is shattered,
our home in ruin, my love now tattered.”
“Take my hand poor child all shall be well.
Remember life holds beauty, not tendrils of hell.”

“Airy friend, my strength doth fray
getting harder to live through each passing day.”
“Come young maiden and I shall show
you all there is to know.”

“Lets start from this cliff and you shall see
all the joy and hope upon your sea.
There is your brother making a wish
while swimming, laughing and playing with fish.”

“Now lets watch the riverbed.
See the young buck wanting fed?
Look here she comes with a nurturing smile
with love that reaches past that final mile.”

“Next to your village we shall travel
where a new mystery will unravel.
A new mother is inside
her tears of happiness she does not hide.”

“Now lets change our pace.
and just watch this peaceful place.
See how the meadow gently flows?
Come here child to erase your woes.”

“Here my child you will find
a comforting breeze anytime.
Here I stay when you need a loving embrace,
anytime you are welcome to this sacred place.”

by BloodLustingElf
posted on 04/01/2009

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Comment by MyNAMEisBUBBLEICIOUS: Jul 4, 2009 11:12 pm
Wow i agree with laura this is amazing you have a talent
Comment by HeartlessAngel: Apr 2, 2009 1:52 pm
I love this poem BS!
It rhymes! Lol Sticking tongue out
I love and miss you.
Love your Ls.

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