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From the moment I was a baby 'till now
When I'm walking down the aisle with a graduation cap over my head
You were always the ones cheering me on

Step by Step, Year over Year
You were always there supporting me

When no one believed in me
You were the ones to believe in me
Encouraging me to persue my dreams

Whenever I felt alone or terrified
You were always there to give me company
And to comfort me

When I came home crying because of something that happened at school
You were always telling me "It's going to be okay"

Whenever I came to show you my bad grades
You just looked at me and smiled telling me to do better the next time

Whenever I came home after a hard day at school
You welcomed me with all the love and care in the world

I could go ahead and say "Thank You"
But these two simple words aren't enough to show how grateful I truly am

But one thing is for sure
That no matter what happens
You'll always be #1 in my heart

by HeartlessShadow
posted on 08/05/2009

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Comment by bluepetals: Aug 6, 2009 4:07 am
hey! its that poem you were talking about, nice work! i like the line "walking down the aisle with a graduation cap over my head" this person ovbiously means a lot in your life.
Comment by YoungLad: Aug 4, 2009 7:41 pm
It'd be nice to be the person recieving this. It's a very nice thing to say.

Thank you. Two words that are said too much and just don't quite mean enough.

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