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A Lover's Lament

You'll be the direction I follow to find
My way to the most welcoming home
I've ever known

To fall back into you, and have you
Catch me gently, and warm
My withered soul

I am but flesh and bone, yet somehow
Your skin can remind me
Of something almost real

Enough to touch, or send me flying
Across fields of heartfelt words
Of beauty's bewitching curse

Look not closer, but farther, for the dew
Settles in corners
Much too dark for me to seek out

Yet I'll kiss your lips and heavy heart
Horrifying memorial anchors
Pounding with your blood

But when you turn & walk away, I need
To remind my insecure eyes that
You'll return, each time, just as lovely as the last

This is my feet growing heavy,
As I must drag them away
From whence you came

And all I'll have to get me by,
The memories of when you held me
Close, & pressed your lips to my forehead

I'll dream of you anxiously
Every hour you do not linger
Around my skin & hair

Then you'll return, for yet another homeward bound
Regretting nothing but the moments spent apart
And we'll collide, into bliss.

by XxSuicidalPrincess13xX
posted on 08/31/2011

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Comment by Poeticone: Aug 31, 2011 5:33 pm
Nice flow of word,I like this poem.Smileypoeticone.keep writing and keep inspiring
Comment by williambrown: Aug 31, 2011 5:05 pm
You know, this is really good.. I love the flow of emotion. The only think niggling me is you using an ampersand instead of 'and'

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