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A Starlit Gaze

A weary figure stands here tonight
Love in his heart,taking chances he might.
To twist and turn,to fall once more
In love and in madness to that he adores.
Sink beneath the hollowed earth
So agony and pain may not rebirth.
Your eyes,your eyes...
remind me so of the night sky.
You smell of beauty and O' your hair,
is so magnificent,to take you I dare
To fly away among the stars,
Under the moon and you in my arms.

Can you feel the wind?
Can you hear the waves?
Yes I have sinned,
Yes I am enslaved.
Will you take me anyway?

To touch your lips,
To feel this bliss,
Wonderfully magical,
Is every kiss.
Make it everlasting,
Don't tell me to wait,
This love is surpassing
Even the highest of fates.

Once more,once more,
Under the moon
My soul,my heart,
Belongs to you.

by ZanethRiku
posted on 11/30/2009

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