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Beyond The Feeling: Eternal Dance Of Love

I thought I understood
why a pair of dove would
rise up in the morning
to dance beneath the sun

I thought it was simple
that need filling their
breast to over flowing
expressed in graceful dance

I have felt the moon pull
upon the tides of my blood
eclipsing my thoughts my
reason, desire consuming

I feel that when I look
upon you...I am consumed
By your eyes..for I see
beyond myself when I look

And yet there is more
A feeling of peace that
envelopes me...like a warm
blanket in the cold of night

It makes me want to rise
In the morning...looking
into your eyes...take
flight ...like the dove

In an eternal dance of love

by Nick1959
posted on 07/29/2021

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Tags: peace, moon, need, graceful, warmth, do be
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