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Forget ( 7/24/07 )

You've asked me to move on, to forget it all.
How can I?
The late nights and early mornings?
The private times in the halls that we made?
The promises? Our future?
The nights spent sobbing on the phone?
Those things can never be erased from my memory.
Just like you, these things will stay in my heart and mind forever.
Forget? No. Never.
That would be impossible.
And if the impossible happened, I should have to take my own life.
For my own sake,
I mustn't forget you.

by Veninedge
posted on 10/08/2007

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Comment by Atwood: Oct 10, 2007 4:57 pm
...I know.
those things can't be forgotten..
I can't say I /know/ how you feel, but your words make me feel something very similar
ahh.. i'm sorry you've got to deal with it too =/
good expression though, my friend
Comment by tearsofrain: Oct 8, 2007 1:32 pm
you know andrew. you ask me to read your poetry. and i always do. despite how much it hurts me. do you ever click on the little link that says "by tearsofrain"?
idk. but you know. nice poem. it shows your utter desperation and dedication. i comend you on your work.

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