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Hesitantly in Love

I was unsure of commitment
When I stumbled into you
I was scared of what would happen
If my love for you was true

But when I looked into your eyes
the world became so still
My life made perfect sense
And my heart began to spill

I feel so safe within your arms
No words that can explain
You help me find my smile
And you take away my pain

You make me feel like gold
And you compliment my beauty
You're always there to talk
Even if I'm feeling moody

You help me gain my confidence
Which is something that I need
I can act just like myself
And it means the world to me

I am the luckiest person ever
To have you for my own
You make me smile everyday
And I never feel alone

So if you ever feel alone
Just remember my hearts true
There is no one in this world
That I care for more than you

by esportslover18
posted on 08/19/2010

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Comment by BehindTheseGreenEyes: Aug 19, 2010 9:02 am
This is amazing,beautiful and captivating!Great write

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