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I would Journey To Old Siem Reap

I would Journey
to old Siem Reap
on ancient paths
built many ages ago.
There to find my lost love

Perhaps I will find her in
ancient Angkor craved upon
a wall dancing with the Apsara
serving Kings long gone

Or upon some worn path where
children run and play amid
the dust rising from hard
red clay in The heat of day

Perhaps she lingers in the
evening on Pub street,
drinking sweet red wine
to pass her time...

Perhaps She will be sitting
in a Temple offering up Her
prayers of hope...with her
mom and daughter....

amid the fragrant incense
rising in the air carrying
the musical chants of Monks
their blessing to impart

Wandering through old Bayon
where stone faces stare at
people sitting on steps worn
thin so long ago, or

perhaps I will find her
hawking fish in the old
market to feed her family
Just one more day

I know not if or when I'll find
her but my heart begs me to go and journey to old Siem Reap to wander
there among those dusty roads.

by Nick1959
posted on 09/28/2019

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Tags: bayon, kings, ankor, apsara, siem reap
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Comment by prettyspl: Jul 26, 2020 5:06 am
When you write about this time in your life .. the experience, the love, the loss ... you take me there with you. You come alive and write as if your still there. It’s beautiful .. and I always wonder after reading one of your poems about her, what would she think if she knew how many beautiful words have been written about her, making her immortal on this earth. It’s stunningly beautiful and I love reading it. You always show so much of yourself in these writings Nick. It’s one of the things that endear you to me as a fellow writer and poet. Vote
Comment by google: Jan 24, 2020 4:27 pm
I started reading and figured it would be just more words, filler to our trite lives, side B. But was pleased the lines dragged me down to the next lines and next and so on. the distinct locals brought out the voyeur in me. who was she? is she worth the lost pub time, the stroll on cobbled roads? the answer was "yes" yes . the narrator's diligence saw to that
Comment by FavoriteTheMute: Oct 19, 2019 4:17 am
Great story. A lot of it flew over my head but I enjoyed reading the hell out of it.

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