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Love Explained

Love can be understood
experienced...it can be
known,by a touch..a look
a simple gesture...that
holds all meaning for two
and yet can seem beyond comprehension to the

Love has its many forms
ever changing from wild
storm to calm steady flow
a river flowing from lake to sea....from mountain to plains
always bringing hope and life
amid chaos..... strength amid

Love is never the same
it is a unique flower
that blooms rarely unexpectedly... between
the cracks of life's path... when all hope seems lost in the darkness to bring forth

I have felt love as a
Raging fire...burning
through my veins...with
molten desire...a powerful
force that rises ever upward
as I stood upon shallow
reef bloodied and torn yet

I have seen it through the eyes of an explorer...
looking upon a new land..
rising upon the horizon
a new constellation never
seen by man for they never
truly looked into your

Love explained...the love
I now feel, is all of this
the burning desire...coursing
through veins..as a tsunami
rises above my torn and bleeding visage hopeful
yet different for there is

As I have felt before...I can not explain what I do not understand myself...that which I found without seeking...I can not answer what this love will bring in the future..
I will eat of it's fruit to be

I can not explain love to you, it has to be experienced

by Nick1959
posted on 08/07/2021

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