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Make a Change

I just feel like I've been down this road before.
Always trying to please those I love,
Letting my own feelings fall to the floor.
Feels like life just needs one more shove...

Straight off the edge of a cliff,
Because it's not always hearts that are a miss,
It's minds too, because they get stiff
And my mind requires that Snow White kiss.

Because what I've found in this moment,
Is my mind in a trance and my heart standing still.
Every moment we have, I want to own it,
While it's available and we have our free will.

Because you're like a drug,
And addicted is where I stand when I'm on you.
So any bad feelings I sweep under the rug,
And I believe what I want to believe is true.

And truth be told, that my ego was bruised.
Not by you specifically but to be included in the past,
With a list of people who, on me, have hurt and used,
And some of their past stings will last.

But I am recovery at its finest.
Watch me as I relapse back into you.
And my heart might be the nicest,
But addiction is a whole truth too.

A drunken word is a sober thought, yes.
High words are thought through and pure.
But what does your sober thought confess?
Because I know what's behind the allure.

Between the Slick sighs and those pretty eyes,
I'm so Gullible and prone.
Because I can and do get lost in your vibes,
Any and every time that we are alone.

But I trust you even though I don't,
But I trust no one I swear.
And I'll love you even when you won't
Because nothing else can really compare.

So what if I took that as my sign.
I wish I could look you in the face and know.
What if for once I could truly define
Any feelings you keep locked behind that window.

Because I see you when you're in front of me.
I feel your touch against the glass.
But I only see what you want me to see
And because I try, I frequently feel like an ass.

Just express to me again what you want from this.
Please make it loud and clear.
Because I get lost in even a kiss
And in the lust I need you to steer.

But if I ever ask too much of you,
Then I need you to just open up and say.
Because I have respect for you and stay true,
But if you don't want to, then you don't have to stay.

But know that I want you to be around
You bring me happiness when we are together.
But you must know my feelings can't remain on the ground
Because if you opened up your heart, things could only get better.

Because my heart is only open to yours
You're the only one I want on my mind.
You're a King, accept the attention that pours
From this Queen that is one of a Kind.

by coldfire146
posted on 06/14/2019

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Tags: hurt, truth, accept
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Comment by arcaneclark: Sep 3, 2019 10:56 pm
its long, but it was made well so its good for the length. it hits home. aswell keep it up !
Comment by prettyspl: Aug 17, 2019 12:33 am
Nice work .. yes it’s a long read but sometimes a poem is never ending in its message. Smiley At Times I felt like I was reading parts of your diary, but I got the message.
Comment by Nick1959: Jun 18, 2019 2:37 am
I think many people can relate to what you express here, that longing for the other person to open up. You express your conflict of what is and what you desire, as well as how this person has an almost mystical power over you.

Good write, although a bit long.

I enjoyed reading this


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