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My World

I want to be somewhere.
Somewhere with dark sepia skies.
Where the ground is a pale white, with the purest of snow.
The trees; they aren't green. The are honey-brown. They almost look appetizing.
This somewhere would have wind that felt and tasted like heaven.
When it brushes your skin, you would get shivers all through your spine, and the smell of it; like sweat pea and vanilla. There is only one place like this in the entire world. One place that could compare.
That would be in your arms my love.
Your breath, and your scent would be my wind.
That sweet, smooth brown hair that you have; that would be my foliage.
Your skin would be my walking ground.
And the sky? Well, those amber brown morsels would be my sky. my stars. My sun and moon.
The reason I wake from my slumber every morning.
The reason I exist.
The reason I love.
That reason is you.

by Veninedge
posted on 12/12/2007

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Comment by TearRains: Feb 1, 2008 1:08 pm
wow. this is..... amazingly beautiful reading it makes me want to cry out for your love and to make the world stop so that you can have the object of your affection with you forever and that not a day could end that everything wasnt perfect.... it makes me think about the meaning of love and how so many people dont even really care they say they are in love but what they are really in is lust and then they start dramma about each other to destroy peoples lives... absolutely beautifully crafted.

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