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Please Say It!

Please say you care about me!
Please say that you love me!
Please say that I'm everything to you!
Please say that you miss me..as much as I miss you!
I just got to be everything to you!

I want to hear all this...because...

I care so so much about you.
I love you with all my heart.
You are more than everything to me.
I miss you more than anything in the entire world.
Your everything to me...

so Please baby..I got to have you in my life..I love you soo much..
So baby Please baby Please baby
Say you care about me!
Say you love me!
Say I'm everything to you!
Please say you miss me as much as I miss you!

Baby I have to be everything to you..I just have too!

by trapped
posted on 01/14/2008

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Comments: 15

Comment by singlebaby: Jun 14, 2008 6:07 pm
hate it
Comment by BrokenHeartsTornUpLetters: Mar 7, 2008 2:46 pm
aww....thats sweet
Comment by babyboogt82886: Feb 19, 2008 1:08 pm
great poem, i feel the same about my ex!
Comment by PrayForMe: Jan 25, 2008 12:06 am
It's so cute Smiley!
Comment by virtualbubblewrap: Jan 17, 2008 3:30 pm
aww its so sweet
Comment by tiffany: Jan 15, 2008 2:20 pm
umm its good....
Comment by Reeses: Jan 15, 2008 7:19 am
wow ell i guess u really do luv ha but life moves on n its to short for arguin if u two love each otha so much show it like u will never see each otha again because u never know wat will happen tomorrow next week or the next second of every minute
Comment by aqua4ever: Jan 14, 2008 7:57 pm
aw this is sooo sweet. =] i like it.
Comment by aqua4ever: Jan 14, 2008 7:57 pm
aw this is sooo sweet. =] i like it.
Comment by kitten546: Jan 14, 2008 7:23 pm
its really sweet but...if you get back together plz plz plz!!dont hurt her anymore because it'll hurt everybody that cares 4 her too and thats just hella ****ed up goodluck anyways...

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