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Promised Place

Where the moon glows tenderly in the night sky, I'm longing for you.
I had a hunch the first time I met you, you were my moon.

Slowly time flows, nothing changes..
Loneliness turns its pages.. one by one. one by one.
I'm still waiting for you.

Come.. come dance with me, look me in the eye.
Tell me you won't betray me until I die.
Hold me, kiss me, let me feel the warmth,
Let my wounds heal,
Let me feel I'm real.

Don't cry for me, for I'll be there for you.
Your voice breathes life in me,
I feel I can laugh again.

..you're so close, yet I can't touch your heart.
I wish for you the most, yet our souls are so far apart.

Come... come to me to the place where no one ages,
Where there are no dark ages.
Only our eternal harmony of life.

Tell me I'm your dear,
I'll whisper to you anything you want to hear..
Just don't let go of my hand.

Forever and ever,
I'll be waiting here, for you,
In the promised place,
May in our next life we meet and treasure each other again.

Forever and ever.

Until all the feathers of life wither away.

by Kanade
posted on 05/09/2010

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Comment by Nick1959: May 11, 2010 7:57 am
very lovely I love how you make your lover the moon the symbolism is great there is a lot of love in this poem and a lot of tragedy just as there is in real life and the underscoring hope a beautiful blend.

Great write

Comment by true: May 10, 2010 3:03 am
cool.... a wondeful poem..a new style... its the first time i have read like this one.. keep writing...Smiley

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