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Twenty-one days without your voice,
Bringing a smile to my face,
Making me laugh,
Wishing me good night,
Sweeping me into sweet slumber.
Twenty-one days without your embrace,
Making me feel protected and safe,
Holding me tight, comforting and warm,
Keeping me anchored in the present,
Wishing for THIS to be our future.
Twenty-one days of loneliness,
Of tossing and turning in sleepless nights,
Until I collapse from exhaustion,
Of long hard days wishing to see your face,
When all I have for comfort
Is a calendar reminding me
That Iím without you for twenty-one days.

by SisterofDarkness
posted on 11/29/2009

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Comment by LoveMeDead: Dec 7, 2009 7:59 am
Aw, this is sad. But I still really love it.

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