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Untitled. by HallowReveries
Untitled. by HallowReveries
It's been some time since I've last posted here. Seems that's true for quite a few of us who used to post fairly often. Anyway, I hope you are all doing well in these wonky times.
Ecstasy by EMSO
I’ve always mixed metaphors, overloaded cliches, and liked religious imagery no one understands
Back this way once again ... by prettyspl
I just wanted to say hello...
The Photograph by prettyspl
I was thinking about reincarnation and this came to me .. probably needs more work?
The Stream by nocturnus
After one year of mind blocade I ended up with some more words. Than you for reading.
Shell by DarkEcho
To whom I am concerned, who has grown old in far too short a time
Marcosias Greenstar by Holychild
A story for the future. A Cosmic Lemon is a green lemon that is found on every planet, each looks and taste different on the inside. When a Angel eats one they can pass as a mortal being, even die and return to heaven without
Grow Up and Get Away From Me by solonely
Repost of something I accidentally deleted
Like Stone by SaneDifference
I don't know. I'm really rusty. Just a nod to my ex. So long. It's been real.
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