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The Ageless Riddle by Holychild
The Human Body Is The Most Powerful Prison GOD Created.
My soul Is A Sea by Nick1959
Just the musings of a troubled mind
Of gallows and gravity by thestutteringbandit
For what It Is Worth by Nick1959
Different things have different values but sometimes their effect on life is profound
Karma by Nick1959
My reflection on life has led to this poem
Divinity of Being by prettyspl
I haven’t written anything in quite some time due to personal and health reasons. But I always return .. maybe that’s where this came from?
Holidays by Aspire2
tbh, i'd rather you get what you get out of this, than to describe it for you.
war bells, colonizers by Aspire2
i'm sitting here posting a ton of work that this site didn't see. most are recent.
the one about people not here anymore by Aspire2
um. sometimes you relationships end. sometimes your best friend blows his own brains out. sometimes you write about both years afterward.
something about sylvia plath and ovens by Aspire2
i mean, i don't need to tell you anything this poem won't
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