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A Kid Named Zulu Watong (Part 2)

Fufu knew that everything had a beginning
He had to trick Zulu's eyes from really seeing
How awful and dreadful the forest's heart was appearing
So he hypnotized his eyes making the withering trees look young
And the roses that laid dead on the sides sing beautiful songs

What a terrible plot Fufu had in mind
By making Zulu's sight so blind
But what about that terrible smell
That rotten ugly terrible smell
Now Lufu had to trick Zulu's nose
As a spider, he gave Zulu a small tranquilizer dose
That tricked his sense making him smell a beautiful scent of a rose
And Zulu was happy and very excited
Not knowing that his shine began fading
He was awfully delighted
Not aware where his feet were trading

Closer to the heart of the evil forest they dwelled
With every step Zulu would let go
Now in order to reach the heart of the evil forest
There was one last thing they needed to do
Mufu is a trickster monkey who had lies spilled out with ease
In order to get Zulu inside, he had to fill Zulu's heart with disease
So he peeled a rotten fruit and asked Zulu to eat
And as a trickster, he told him one bite and we are in for a treat

Zulu did not know why all of a sudden he felt a blister
A memory of old that for a moment made him see
The snake the spider and the trickster
And what they wanted him to be
Slowly Zulu started to remember laughter, love, light and how he could bravely fight
He slowly began to draw warmth from a shying fading ember
Then a burst of light came flowing like a river
Making the coldness of the evil forest vigorously tremble

Fufu, Lufu and Mufu cowered away feeling bitter defeat
They had to call for a retreat
Zulu went back retrieving what he'd lost
Fully knowing what to cherish the most
Wiser, smarter and clearer
He regained his former self with every step he drew nearer
Finally the forest had its beckoning light back and strong
With a song to learn from and sing along
That my friends was the story of a kid name Zulu Watong

by madz13379
posted on 09/25/2017

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Tags: kids, humor, comedy, wise
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Comment by madz13379: Oct 27, 2017 9:50 am
I pleased that you enjoyed it.

Thank you for commenting

Comment by FavoriteTheMute: Sep 28, 2017 10:27 pm
Delightful. Splendid. A pleasure to read. So imaginative. Bravo.

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