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Crossroads of Awe

At these crossroads,we feel and breathe
Our voices are heard, in ourselves we believe
By this hand we abide, to live forever
Only the weak are lost, yet not the clever.
We read our books of sorrow,
yet learn that happiness will come tomorrow.
Everyday we hear the melody of rage
Though in this concerto
All you need to do is flip the page
Then voila, our pain is gone
our mood has changed and so has the song.
In our destiny lies, the truth behind the sky
The Sun blinds us so
That we cannot see what the clouds hold behind.
A beautiful note, with a sweet antidote
A cure and relief
for my musical grief.
Now I stand at the crossroads,
With my band ready to play
This soft lullaby
To cradle you away...


by ZanethRiku
posted on 02/04/2010

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