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Hey man, don’t you know it’s been two years
Since I remembered?

Some men shaved their beards a century ago
in exchange for a printing press
And suddenly you could make the law burdensome
If only you were anointed

Straining at gnats and swallowing camels,
it’s easier for rich men
to make their own needles
(it doesn’t sting as much to pull a rafter from a glass eye)

Survivors bury hot dog cadavers, now
Memories altered so they don’t recognise their children
But their body stayed 80, their voices still shake
So their children recognise them

Tony says he’ll explode me like a hot dog, see
Mum says she’d prefer I was dead
Than gay when Armageddon comes -
She doesn’t want to turn to salt

(Never mind how well it goes with hot dogs)

That’s an admission of love though, I suppose
That she would turn to me even as she tried to look away
(I’ve always been a train wreck)

I want to remind her not to cut her body for the dead, but
She never liked King James

I hope I get to see them in their thousand years, I want to know

Are they rejoicing yet?

posted on 10/28/2020

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Tags: faith, religion, cult, parents
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Comment by prettyspl: Nov 12, 2020 5:46 am
I love this and really appreciate the flow. Great write!

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