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A child stares out a window listening to his parents scream
Wondering why his nightmares can live outside a dream
Questioning why the world can't be like it is on a comic book page
Wishing that there was enough hope to wrestle his sorrow back into it's cage

Years pass as words wage war outside of his door, the oncoming apocalypse
As he wonders where are the supermen who fly around this metropolis
Why is there not enough kindness in their hearts to see the damage, the scars
But kindness is as rare as an alien from Krypton falling from the stars

Words of rage turn to violence but to some I am still considered blessed
To a young boy who watched his parents die and now wears a bat on his chest
My fathers abuse only gets worse with a few drinks as he loses his pity
At the bottom of a bottle, so I envy the loss of the protector of Gotham City

With each tear my mother and I shed I lose more and more hope
Not even the god like actions of heroes can help me cope
With this rage, with this anger, with all the disappointments of life
What other option do I have other than to be on the safe side of a knife

I now know that no ring will find me, fallen from the world of Oa
That there is no amazon hailing from the island of Themescara
No man faster than the speed of light will stop me in a red blur
I know that I am the only hero who can truly save her

An emerald arrow won't knock the knife from my hand before the vile deed
I want blood, I want justice, I need to feel his fear when I make him bleed
If there are heroes, save me, save I, save a broken life from falling apart
And if not, I will save her by walking up to him, and stabbing him in the heart

by KAS
posted on 10/02/2013

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Comment by PoeticPrincess: Oct 6, 2013 6:15 am
Wow, this is unique and a great allusion, awesome write.

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