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a glowing sign reads Holiday Inn-
it’s almost a suggestion.
you posed in the corner of some Motel 6,
legs wide as my eyes,
as my dripping lips.

the wolves howl outside the car windows,
as trees blur into solid lines of earth toned desperate
thoughts. I was not beautiful in that moment,
nor do I think I ever have been before.

and suddenly it was the summer before he passed:

you were sipping from some cheap glass bottle,
letting the liquor fill your antiquated liver-
there was chlorine in your hair,
and your frayed ends stuck out the ends of both your sleeves
as you whispered the lyrics to whatever song was playing.

from the passenger seat, he said we should stop and get a drink,
so you poured your emptied love into his lap
then sucked it dry.

I watched from the backseat, in some weird way, a way that sort of
feigns my lack of jealousy, and the fact that I didn’t envy
either of you.

reach my hand behind the seat,
grab another bottle.
pop the top, let it fill me.

12:30 am and the backs of a lot hands
there’s always something about this time that feels both empty
and whole.

if I could capture all your particles in a jar,
swallow them,
I’d be puking them up in the hollows of this bible
but i’m not.

you told me i should stop laying in the middle of the street,
but i pressed my hand against my temples
wondering if god was home.

by Aspire2
posted on 01/08/2019

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Comment by Aspire2: Jan 9, 2019 4:19 am
@prettyspl thank you so much
Comment by prettyspl: Jan 9, 2019 12:06 am
Wow. I wish I had written this. I think this may be one of the best poems I’ve ever read on POQ. Vote.

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