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Iíll Always Be StandingÖ

Throw your words like stones
And break me into pieces
Believe that you are right
As pain in my heart increases

I will not take threats
Nor will I take mistreat
Iíll always stand
Never meeting defeat

Wrap your hands
Around my heart
Please stop the bleeding
Iím falling apart

People please
Your breaking me
Take a step back
Please just see

Iíll never have respect
But Iíll always stand strong
Holding my own self
Like I have so long

Youíll never break me down
Nor tare me apart
I always be standing
Right from the start

by Tequilla
posted on 07/17/2009

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Comment by HoldingOnForNow: Jul 17, 2009 9:08 am
wow i like it a lot. i understand this feeling. great job.

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