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Just a thought

Standing in the rain
Where everything is different yet the same
And my wet hair is dripping pain
You have told me it'll be okay
So how come now everything is gone
And how can I ever breathe again?
I can't deny that you have changed me
But how can this going to help when you're away?
And I'm here trapped in my mistakes
Settled in the dark
Even though I know it's not my place
But I fear it's too bright for me there
And I can't stand seeing my face again
Can you change my way?
Can I be worth something?
Should I run or should I stay?
So many voices in my ears
But I can't tell what to follow anymore
It's just a mess in my brain
Can I love again?
Can I fight my darkness?
I can run and run
And say I'll never going to be strong
But I'm not going to do that today
And none of these clouds can kill me
So come on and take your best shot, my friend
This girl still has some faith

by NOangelsLEFT
posted on 07/12/2009

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